About us

North Esk Dragon Boat Club has been running since 2012.

A community based competitive club, we train throughout the year and race at several locations around Tasmania and interstate. There’s plenty of opportunity to both race and travel for anyone that wishes to take on the challenge.

Dragon Boating is a fun sport; it’s social we don’t take ourselves too seriously. However in saying that, we train hard as a team throughout the year in all weathers and we’re always looking for new people to join the team.

Our current members are a fun but competitive group of men and women of all ages with varying fitness levels. Our coaches work with our team to ensure we perform at our best. We have a race for everyone!

Executive Committee Members

Donna McLellan


Craig Binns

Vice President

Jim Lambie


Sandra Berne


General Committee Members

Keeva Leighton



Committee Member

Paula Barass

Committee Member

Glenda Lodge

Committee Member


Committee Member